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The Most Comfortable and Best Concealed Carry Handgun Holsters Available

We’re not bragging. We’re just confident that we produce the finest, highest quality and most comfortable holsters for concealed carry available. Our handgun holsters are most typically comprised of a cowhide or horsehide leather backing which can be laser engraved with a custom design, and a sleek kydex sheath, held in place by rivets or screws, based on your selection. The screws allow you to use the same backing with a variety of sheaths, meaning the same backing can be used interchangeably as a comfortable IWB holster for multiple weapons.

If you need a CCW Holster (for Carrying a Concealed Weapon), you can do no better than to buy one of our MaxTuck or BaseMax concealment holsters. The wide leather backing spreads the weight of the weapon evenly and snugly, and the options of cow or horsehide allow you to choose whichever is most comfortable for you. The main reason concealed carry holsters are used is in order to guarantee your ability to protect yourself on an ongoing basis. Therefore, by necessity, you need to be comfortable wearing them. Otherwise, you’ll end up never wearing yours, which defeats the purpose. Once again, we proudly provide the most comfortable concealed carry holster you’ll ever wear! We guarantee it.

Still, comfort isn’t everything...

Custom-Designed Concealed Carry Holsters let you carry in style!

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We are proud of producing handgun holsters that are as classy as they are comfortable, and we let you tailor them to a degree you won’t normally find. We do this with our custom kydex sheaths and laser engraved leather backings to great effect. This allows you the greatest possible freedom and control over the design of your conceal carry holsters, and the end result is a holster that really feels like a part of you, both in its fit, and its design.

We’re confident that our IWB Holsters are among the best on the market, and we’re as committed to our customers as we are to producing nothing but the best holsters. If you’d like a second opinion, visit our Facebook page and ask any of our fans! There’s usually an excited buzz of people who have either just received their new concealed carry holster or ordered one. There’s a huge sense of pride in seeing the overwhelmingly positive receptions our holsters receive.

Please take a moment to have a look at our products.

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